Deggendorf was a DP camp in Bavaria in the American zone of occupation. The camp was established in 1945 in the former Wermacht barracks. It was inhabited by approximately 1500 Jewish DPs, among whom were survivors from the Theresienstadt camp. The camp had a very active social life. It ran a number of schools including an elementary school, kindergarten and a Talmud Torah. It also maintained the only house for the elderly DPs which was operated by an orthodox rabbinic organization Va’ad Hatzalah (Rescue Committee) The camp maintained a synagogue, a mikvah and a kosher kitchen. It also issued its own currency- Deggendorf Dollars. The camp closed in June 1949,

In the end of 1947 ORT school in Deggendorf held classes in radio technology, leather work, joinery, electrical engineering, weaving, dental technology, hat making and goldsmiths training. The school had 136 students and was headed by engineer Siegfried Ritberg.