Mosze was born in Poland in 1918. Starting as a teenager, until the outbreak of the war he worked in Lodz, the second largest Jewish community in Poland, as a hosiery machine mechanic. After the Nazi invasion, he spent a year in the Gwozdziec ghetto in south-eastern Poland. With the rest of the ghetto population he was then transferred to the ghetto in Kolomyya and later a slave labour camp. He was liberated by the Russians in 1944 and then went on to live in the Soviet Union where he got married and had a child. From the Soviet Union, with his wife and child he went to Lower Silesia in Poland, a place of settlement of many Jewish repatriates from the USSR. From there he managed to illegally cross the border and reach a DP centre in the American zone of Germany. After an examination at the camp near Kassel he was diagnosed as tubercular. He stayed at the Oberkaufingen Sanatorium and after being discharged was sent to the Bayrisch Gmain Rehabilitation Center. In Bayerisch Gmain he started his apprenticeship in watch making since like many other DPs he found that his former trade was too much of a physical strain for him. Cured, and with a new trade, he later managed to emigrate to Israel.[1]

[1] Source: World ORT Archive: ORT Bulletin vol. III no.4 (December 1949) p.5