ORT school in Munich was founded in 1946. It catered for the needs of students in the nearby DP camps as well as DPs living on their own in Munich and held classes in children’s tailoring, corset making, radio technology, typewriter repair, leather work, electrical engineering, dental technology, hat making, shoe and boot making, machine knitting, auto mechanics, optical technology, chemical technology, watch repairing, cinema operators’ training, dressmaking and geodesy. There was also a beautician school. In late 1947 five ORT schools operating in Munich had an enrolment of 464 students and employed fifty-two teachers

The school was known for its high level of classes. One of the visitors to the school recalled:

‘ We have a magnificent building in Munich- large, spacious, wonderfully equipped for courses of all kinds, including men’s tailoring and mechanical courses, with classes in the evenings as well as the daytime. There are, as well, photography and motion picture courses and, if you may take a layman’s word for it, the work done in the dental mechanics courses looked extremely  professional, as did the products of the woodworking and other courses. We are doing especially splendid work there, too, in the women’s trades. I met a teacher who was particularly interested in costume design for the theatre. She had selected four girls who were completing a dress-making course and, as a result of their curiosity and interest, had undertaken to give them a short, four-month course with emphasis on theatre costuming.'[1]

The ORT school in Munich also organized proficiency courses for ORT instructors working in DP camps. The classes lasted several weeks and were taught by professors from the Munich Polytechnic Institute and specialists in various branches. After the closure of DP camps, the school provided training for Holocaust survivors who chose to stay in Germany. ORT school in Munich was closed in 1958.


[1] World ORT Archive: ORT Bulletin (September 1948) p.7