The children’s village 'Ilaniah' was founded in Apeldoorn near Utrecht in mid-1947. The first group of students consisted of orphaned Jewish children from Romania and later from German DP camps. A vast majority of children in 'Ilaniah' were orphans and a large number of them had never attended school. ORT trained 300 of them on pre-vocational courses in woodwork, cardboard work and needle work. One group of boys and girls attended a gardening course. A year after the establishment of the school  ORT reported:

‘During the last 2 months, a great number of useful objects, such as aprons in the course on needle work, book-ends and boxes in the course on wood work, and practical containers in the course on cardboard work have been produced. Apart from the manual skill they acquire, the children learn order and discipline in the workshops, qualities necessary to all later vocations and which have hitherto been entirely lacking in these children. In this manner, ORT also contributes to their general development.’[1]

 The courses ended in 1948 when the children immigrated to Israel. 'These once badly nourished and ill-clad children have left healthy well-clad and joyful for their new home'- reported ORT.[2] Their education was taken over by ORT in Israel.

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