ORT's work with TB patients was one of the most important aspects of its activities in Switzerland. The courses were meant not only to provide convalescents with vocational training but also played a therapeutic role in their recovery.The major undertaking in this field were courses ran in the sanatorium in Montana.

Montana‚Äôs students were all former TB patients in their late teens or early twenties who were brought from German DP camps to Switzerland to be cured,  staying in the sanatorium for a period from a few  months for up to few years.The first ORT workshop was set up in Montana in May 1948. Remarkably, the first twenty-one students enrolled in the course managed to graduate from a ten month program in five months. Later on that year, courses were added in electrical installation and typewriter repair. The workshop held classes for six hours a day - three in the morning and three in the afternoon. The courses in Montana started closing down in February 1950 as the emigration to Israel increased. In order to help with their move, ORT often equipped its graduates with the tools necessary for  their trade and a group of Montana graduates set up a cooperative workshop in Israel.