Report on the ORT Activities in Hungary, July- November 1947

The attached report was submitted to the meeting to the executive of the World ORT Union in Zurich in November 1947. Similarly to reports from other countries covering this period, it discusses the July 1947 graduation ceremonies and preparation for the 1947/1948 school year.

The first part of report focuses on ORT’s activities in the country’s capital- Budapest.

The major event in the period covered by the report was the establishment of  the secondary school for mechanics in Budapest.  The report underlines the way that the school reflected the spirit of changing times. The students were no longer expected to be professional tradesmen- aside from vocational qualifications they were awarded with  high school graduation certificates which allowed them to continue their education at university level. For the first time the course for mechanics also admitted girls. Other courses- the leather goods and toys workshop - were targeted mainly at Jewish women who had to support their families. The school was also gradually beginning to admit non-Jewish students.

The latter part of the report describes the creation of an agricultural boarding school in Bonyhad. It describes the adaptation of the premises and details the installation of all necessary equipment.

The report clearly shows that, similar to the situation in other countries, many Hungarian students interrupted their training because of emigration- according to the report about one third of the students departed before graduation.