Report on ORT Activities in Shanghai, August 1946-July 1947

The attached report was submitted to the meeting of the Central Board of the World ORT Union in Paris in July 1947.

The July 1947 one-page report from Shanghai focuses changes in ORT’s work in the city taking place after the end of the Second World War. After summarising the previous six years of ORT activities in Shanghai, it shows the revision of the programme. In the wartime the training aimed at enabling Jews to find employment in Shanghai and earn a living during their temporary refuge. Later it changed to training for the purpose of resettlement from the Far East. It describes ORT efforts at aiding emigration of its students- its negotiations with the Australian Department of Immigration and the focus on trades which could became useful in the new countries and give Jewish refugees the chance of becoming self-supporting. Additionally, specialised courses in English were organised for students of particular vocational trades.

The report also mentions opening of the new school building where all vocational activities could be concentrated.