Report on ORT Activities in the Netherlands, July-November 1947

The attached report was submitted to the meeting to the executive of the World ORT Union in Zurich in November 1947.

Dutch ORT was created in the beginning of 1946, the relatively short report from 1947 Netherlands shows the scope of its activities after over a year of existence.

The report describes ORT’s work mainly among the refugees from Eastern Europe who decided to stay in Netherlands and required help in fully entering its economic life. It  looks into two topics connected with working with refugees. The first is the running of a large vocational training centre in Amsterdam. The second- work with children. The report focuses on the most important development in this field- the opening of a children’s workshop in a children’s village of Ilaniah, near Apeldoorn. It was aimed at 500 Jewish orphans who arrived to Netherlands from Romania. The report also mentions ORT work in other orphanages in Netherlands as well as pre-vocational workshops organized for children of refugees.

The report underlines the dire financial need of the ORT network in the Netherlands. As a result schools had to be supplied from abroad not only with tools and equipment but also with necessities such as basic furniture and school aids. Despite those obstacles, the number of Dutch ORT students in the period covered by the report grew over threefold- from 243 in July to 765 in October 1947.