Central School for Agriculture

The agriculture estate in Bonyhad was transformed by ORT in the first half of 1946 into the Central School for Agriculture in Hungary. The rebuilding of the school was partially conducted by ORT students themselves.  Teaching started in March 1948, when the first fifteen pupils were admitted. The students received mainly theoretical training in the winter months and only practical training in the summer. The course was very intensive with working hours from seven o'clock in the morning until eight o'clock in the evening. From the very beginning pupils participated in all types of work, including field work, gardening, fruit growing as well as dairy and poultry farming. Aside from cultivating the school’s own grounds the students also worked in the neighbouring Hungarian specialized farms.

The students in Bonyhad were divided into two groups - those preparing to emigrate to Israel and those planning to stay in Hungary. The farm also held evening classes for non-Jewish farmers from neighbouring towns.