ORT school report- Hasenecke bei Kassel, Wednesday, 20 August 1947

The following report was compiled by an ORT school inspector during his visit to an ORT establishment in Hasenecke DP camp in Kassel district. The report is dated to August 1947, the height of ORT’s activities in Germany.  

Hasenecke was an example of a relatively new yet already fairly well organized school. The report show to what  extent, the schools were a result of hard work of utterly devoted individuals, who single handedly, against great odds, managed to set them up. In this case, it is mainly the schools principal, backed up by ORT teachers (from 20-year old son of the schools director to well-qualified and very  experienced instructors). The report also describes the conflicts between the school management and the camp committee, especially when it came to acquiring space for learning in already overcrowded camps.