ORT school inspector's report- Fritzlar

The following report was compiled by an ORT school inspector during his visit to a newly opened ORT establishment in Fritzlar DP camp in the Kassel district. It’s most likely dated to August 1947, the height of ORT’s activities in Germany.

The report describes the range of undertakings in a relatively small school in Frizlar ranging from under-attended radio class with ‘lifeless instruction’ to a well equipped and popular course in radio-mechanics. It illustrates problems with acquiring teching space ( in Fritzlar ORT instruction would take place both in the stables of a German cavalry regiment and in a purpose built car mechanics workshop) and problems with acquiring staff. The report also points out varying attitudes of the camp committees, their tendency to influence the choice of school personell along party lines rather than actual skill and resulting from it frequent conflicts between the students and school’s staff and managemnt.